Qatar Joins Workinton: Country of Hard Workers

Bizden Haberler, Yürüt

Workinton that aims to grow in the Middle East market opens its first branch in Doha, Qatar.

Workinton, which introduced common working space culture to Turkey, signed an agreement with Alfardan Group, owner of the most prestigious projects and luxurious brands of Qatar. Pınar Massena, CEO of Workinton stated that they had their first overseas partnership in San Diego, USA and added: “We will be opening our first branch in Doha, the capital of Qatar, in May 2018. Our goal for the next period is to grow in the Middle East market. We have our eyes on Oman following Qatar.”

Workinton provides service to more than 15,000 members and 2,000 companies with its co-working, virtual office, ready-to-use office, meeting room services on a total area of 12,500sqm in 14 different locations and Incubation Center, and thus it is the leader of the ‘Common Working Space’ market in terms of branches, square meters, users and member companies.

Workinton that has branches at the most prestigious spots of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir in Turkey, and cooperation in San Diego, USA entered into the Qatar market, the rising star of Middle East, with the agreement that it signed with Alfardan Group that has more than 60 years of experience in various different industries ranging from jewelry to real estate, automotive to portfolio investment. To the signature ceremony that is held in Doha starting the cooperation between Workinton and Alfardan Group, Mr. Omar Alfardan – CEO of Alfardan Group, Pınar Massena – CEO of Workinton, Mohammad Sleiman – COO of Alfardan Group and Özgür Erçetin – Workinton Qatar Branch Manager had attended.

‘We will enliven entrepreneurship in Qatar by encouraging the young leader in the country.’

Pınar Massena, CEO of Workinton: “We have entered into the Middle East market with Alfardan Group, one of the leading enterprises in the Qatar economy. Alfardan Group makes its first investment in Turkey with a luxurious boutique hotel in Istanbul. With the cooperation between Alfardan Group and Workinton, we will be opening our first office in Doha/Qatar at Alfardan Center, one of the first investments of the group. Thus Qatar will be joining Workinton: ‘Country of Hard Workers’. And we plan to open our second Workinton office with Alfardan Group, which leads the Middle East Reals Estate industry for more than 25 years, at Burj Alfardan building in the city of Luseil that will host 2022 World Cup. On the other, we have already began our preparations to open a branch at one of the investments of the group in Muscat, the capital of Oman.” said Massena.

Massena continued: “We will have other projects in the region in the following periods, too. We plan to put into practice Workinton Incubation Center in Qatar to prepare the start-ups and entrepreneurs to the future and to the global competition.”

‘We had chosen Workinton as our strategic partner.’

Omar Hussain Alfardan, President and CEO of Alfardan Group: “As a group that attaches great value to innovation that we see as one of the key drivers of growth, the latest cooperation of Alfardan Properties with Workinton is a proof of our continuous effort to develop elite products for the real estate market. We see Workinton as a strategic partner that we cooperate for our product range that we expand without sacrificing quality, excellence and luxury in line with the principles of Alfardan while increasing our area of activity in the market. We are fully confident that our partnership with Workinton will lead to significant developments in the co-working, virtual office and meeting room services industry in Qatar.”

‘Doha: the new attraction center of the world’

Doha, the capital and the largest city of Qatar, competes with Dubai with the latest projects and investments. Qatar that will also host 2022 FIFA World Cup is rightly proud to be the first Middle Eastern country to host this organization in its almost 100 years long history. The developing and changing Qatar economy offers great opportunities to the cooperation between Workinton and Alfardan Group. Qatar continues to be popular among both local and foreign investors with its progress.

About Workinton
Workinton that celebrates its 5th year in 2018 is the fastest growing entrepreneur of the co-working industry in Turkey. The company offers co-working, virtual office, ready-to-use office and meeting room services to more than 15,000 members and 2,000 companies on a total area of 12,500sqm in 14 different business centers with its cooperation in San Diego, USA besides its branches in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir of Turkey. The company also has the widest incubation center of Turkey. At Workinton Incubation Center, the start-ups benefit from 14 branches, and get ready for the future and the global competition by taking support through 3 different programs. Workinton that defines itself as the ‘Country of Hard Workers’ organized more than 150 personal development seminars, trainings, experience and travel programs throughout the year. The members attend these events free of charge or with a discount, are included into Workinton network and get the chance to go into new partnerships.

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